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Advisory Boards and Committees

New Hampshire state law recognizes the importance of of advisory committees and public involvement to state agencies through several statutes. RSA 227-H:2c requires the Division of Forests and Lands to "Allow for public involvement in forest management planning for reservations." RSA 227-I:5 establishes the New Hampshire Forest Advisory Board to advise the Division on "factors affecting the use, ownership, and management of forest resources" through statewide forest resource planning. The Director, Division of Forests and Lands, is authorized by statute to appoint members to the New Hampshire Forest Advisory Board. The Community Forestry Advisory Council is a subcommittee of the New Hampshire Forest Advisory Board.

The Nash Stream Citizen Advisory Committee was first established in 1996 by the division to serve as a focused source of public input to improve the information base influencing the management of Nash Stream Forest. In 2004 the Nash Stream Forest Citizens Committee was authorized through legislation.