The following list of natural communities were included in NHB's 2004 classification, but have since been deleted or combined/reclassified into other natural community types (NHB plans to publish a comprehensive list of changes and explanations):

Sparsely vegetated alpine and subalpine communities
• Alpine cliff (not distinct enough to be a natural community)

Cliff seeps (not distinct enough to be a natural community)
• Cliff seep

Northern conifer and hardwood swamps of central and northern NH
• Seasonally flooded boreal swamp

Forests on glacial till or river terraces
Rich sugar maple - oak - hickory terrace forest

River channels and low riverbanks
• Herbaceous sandy river channel (combined w/below into Mesic herbaceous river channel)
• Herbaceous low riverbank (combined w/above into Mesic herbaceous river channel)

Herbaceous and mixed herbaceous - woody river channels
• Herbaceous - wooded riverbank/floodplain (combined with Herbaceous riverbank/floodplain)

Medium to high riverbanks and floodplains
• Riverbank/floodplain fern glade

Floodplain forests of minor rivers
• Basswood - white ash - black maple floodplain forest

Red maple and coastal conifer swamps
• Circumneutral seepage swamp

Vernal pools (considered important ecological features, but not distinct natural community types)
Vernal woodland pool
Vernal floodplain pool

Emergent marshes
Buttonbush basin swamp (note: combined w/oxbow buttonbush swamp as buttonbush shrubland)
Oxbow marsh

Medium-depth and deep emergent marshes (these 2 combined into simply "emergent marsh")
Medium-depth emergent marsh
Deep emergent marsh - aquatic bed

Subtidal communities (see future marine aquatic classifications)
Saline/brackish subtidal channel/bay bottom
Tidal creek bottom
• Oyster bed

Two aquatic communities are holdovers from before the 2004 classification, and do not currently have a crosswalked counterpart in the 2004 classification or the current version. NHB plans to address aquatic communities (streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and maritime) in a future classification.

Acidic brownwater lake/pond
NE alpine/subalpine pond

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