Information About Rare Species for a Permit or Grant Requirement

NH Heritage maintains a database of known locations of rare species and exemplary natural communities. Federal, state, and local agencies may require a check of this database to determine whether a proposed project could impact rare species or critical habitat. In some circumstances, a $25 fee will be assessed to cover staff time.

There are two ways to request a check of the NH Heritage database:

1. Use the DataCheck Tool. This is an interactive web page that can be used to provide NH Heritage with basic information about a project, including a map.

Overview of getting an NHB review:

    • Go to the Datacheck tool.
    • Follow the instructions to submit your project.
    • If you use the online mapping tool and there are no "hits" (no tracked species are known to occur in the vicinity of the project), it will say there are "no known records."
    • Proceed through the tool until you submit your project and are assigned an NHB ID number.
    • You will then be e-mailed a "no hit" letter.
    • Print that information and submit that with your application to DES.
    • If you use the online mapping tool and there are potential impacts, it will say "potential impacts" on the screen.
    • Follow the instructions in the Datacheck Tool.
    • Once you submit your project, you will be assigned an NHB ID number.
    • Print the confirmation page with the NHB ID number and mail that, along with a $25 check made out to "State of New Hampshire - Treasurer" to:

                        NHB Environmental Reviews
                        172 Pembroke Road
                        Concord, NH  03301

            Once NHB receives your project ID and payment, your project will be reviewed. 

**Please note** The NHB Environmental Reviewer will be out of the office between July 3 and July 14, 2017, and unable to respond to questions. Projects submitted between July 3 and July 14, 2017 will be reviewed during the week of July 17.

First Time Users: Please print instructions for mapping your project using the Tool.

2. Submit a request form to NH Heritage by e-mail or mail.

          Wetlands Minimum Impact Forestry Notification (pdf version) (MS Word version)

          All other permit and grant applications (pdf version) (MS Word version

Refund Policy

Landowner Requests (including forest management plans)

 NH Heritage can check its database to see if we have any rare plant, rare animal, or exemplary natural community records on your property. Please fill out the landowner request form to request such a check. There is no fee for this service. However, the results cannot be used for permit requirements (the scope of the database check is different). See above to request information for a permit requirement.

Please note that very little of New Hampshire has been inventoried for biodiversity, so even if something is on your property, it has probably not been recorded. A field survey would provide better information on what species and communities are indeed present. NH Heritage is sometimes able to do property-specific inventories for towns or individuals, but only after we have worked out a formal contract to cover our expenses.

Information for Town or Other Planning Projects

We recommend contacting our office to discuss planning projects so we can help you obtain the information that will best inform your planning decisions. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone (603-271-2214) or fax (603-271-6488). For GIS mapping, NH Heritage information is available for town and regional planning projects in a buffered format only. NH Heritage respects landowner privacy concerns, and therefore masks specific rare plant, rare animal, and exemplary natural community locations within randomly shifted one-mile diameter circles. This information is available through the GRANIT system with prior written permission from NH Heritage.

Town and County Species and Natural Community Lists

Lists of known rare plants, rare animals, and exemplary natural communities in each New Hampshire town are available in the Publications section.


NH Heritage has been conducting inventories for land managers and landowners for more than 15 years. Our rates are competitive and our products are outstanding. Surveys are tailored to meet the information needs of the client. 

   1. Detailed Property Inventories
: Inventories for clients such as the Army Corps of Engineers have included careful surveys for rare plants, exemplary natural communities, and rare animals (in coordination with the Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Program). In addition to site descriptions and high quality maps, we provide management considerations to facilitate informed land use decisions.

   2. Town Inventories: Town-wide analyses and field inventories for rare plant populations and exemplary natural communities can be a tremendously useful planning tool. Products typically include detailed site descriptions, high quality maps, and management considerations. We are also able to describe the statewide importance of significant features (a particular wetland in Odiorne Point State Park, for example, is the only coastal salt pond community in New Hampshire). Please note that inventories on private property are conducted only with landowner permission.

   3. Regional Landscape Analyses: We combine cutting-edge technology with extensive ecological knowledge to identify areas with high potential to support rare plant populations and exemplary natural communities. These initial analyses are valuable guides for field inventories and planning efforts.


cliff fern search (photo by Scott Bailey for the NH Natural Heritage Bureau)
a NH Heritage ecologist surveys a population of
Dryopteris fragrans, a rare cliff fern, on the side
of a cliff at Crystal Cascade in Pinkham Notch.

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