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The Professional Loggers Program (PLP) is a voluntary certification program administered by the New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Council (NHTHC). The intent of the program is to increase safe and productive harvesting and transportation skills while promoting a positive public image of timber harvesting.

PLP graduates include both loggers and forest product truckers who have successfully completed four required courses in such disciplines as first aid & CPR, safe & productive felling, timber harvesting laws, trucking safety and regulations, and the fundamentals of forestry.

To become certified, the candidate must complete all four courses within a two year period. Certification is valid for four years. To maintain certification, the candidate must have earned twenty-four credits for workshops attended or for public service. Examples of appropriate programs or service include: renewal of first aid and CPR certificate; attendance at logging, forestry, or business workshops; membership on town conservation commissions or planning boards; Scout leader; giving talks to schools or civic groups or leadership in logging or forestry organizations. Credits are approved by the Education Committee of the Timber Harvesting Council.

For more information about the NH Timber Harvest Council or the Professional Loggers Program visit the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association website.

For more information about selecting a logger visit the UNH Cooperative Extension website