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BuildingsUrban Forestry Center, Portsmouth NH

The John Elwyn Stone - Forestry Learning Center is the site for most programs and seminars. It houses a  large conference room that seats approximately 100 people classroom style, has audio-visual equipment, a small kitchenette, a smaller meeting room, and restrooms. Posters, photographic displays, and other natural resource information is often on display here.

The Historic Cape / Administrative Headquarters contains offices, a natural resource library, and the historic home of the Langdon family.

Rosemary Cottage is located near the Historic Cape and is used as an outdoor classroom with a greenhouse.

All buildings are handicap accessible.


Urban Forestry Center, Portsmouth NH

For do-it-yourself landscapers, the Urban Forestry Center offers ideas for perennial borders, woodland gardens, groundcovers, herb and vegetable gardens, and landscaping tips to attract wildlife.

In its "converging landscape" demonstration area near the main buildings, the Center has used plantings that blend with the surrounding natural landscape, and also provide a feeling of unity and continuous space between the buildings. These plantings complement the architecture, provide a welcoming atmosphere, and allow for heavy use of the area by people.

At the Center, visitors can see, smell, and touch hundreds of different plants, herbs, and shrubs, and get helpful information to assist them in planning their own gardens and landscape projects. For the novice or advanced landscapers, the staff at the Center can put you in touch with a variety of experts who can provide you with technical advice.