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Forest Management

Most of New Hampshire's 4.5 million acres of timberland is privately owned. This land provides timber, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and many other benefits. Yet to be used to its full potential, landowners need to understand the importance of proper forest management.

In order to demonstrate that trees and forests need to be cared for and maintained, the Urban Forestry Center has:

A 95-acre forest management area which features many examples of deciduous (leaves) and coniferous (needles) trees that are commonly found in New Hampshire;

A red pine plantation, a spruce plantation, an arboretum which allows close identification of individual species;

A self-guided trail system leads visitors through scenic woodlands.

As urban growth and development continues, town and city planners, land developers, conservation commissions, and others involved with trees in New Hampshire's urban and community forests need to understand how to select, plant, and maintain the trees and shrubs that beautify our towns and cities. This technical assistance is available at the Urban Forestry Center.