Tower Quest

Free Visitor's Guide


For those who like to experience the outdoors firsthand, the Urban Forestry Center offers a series of self-guided trails. These trails are used for walking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

The Tree Identification Trail is a self-guided walk that leads visitors through the Center's Mixed Deciduous Forest, Northern Hardwood Forest, Saltmarsh Wetland, Red Pine Plantation, and Blue Spruce Plantation.

The Goodwin Trail is a two-mile (round-trip) trail which takes visitors through a scenic woodland setting, where native wildflowers, birds, and animals can be seen.

The trail also provides visual access to a tidal saltmarsh on Sagamore Creek. The marsh is a transition zone from the land to the sea, acting as a buffer between the land's freshwater and the ocean's saltwater.

For a map of the Urban Forestry Center, including trails, click here.