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Urban & Community Forestry

Since the late 1960's, New Hampshire has had a Community Forestry Program. Technical forestry assistance was provided to communities by the State of New Hampshire - Division of Forests and Lands and by the then Cooperative Extension Service. Due to lack of adequate funding and staff this assistance was very limited in scope. In the late 1970's funds from the USDA Forest Service made possible street tree inventories in Manchester and Hanover and provided for demonstration projects in Laconia, Berlin, Keene, and Portsmouth. As interest, funds, and staff fluctuated, so did the strength of the program, but it has always been there. Thanks to the USDA Forest Service - State and Private Forestry, some Urban and Community Forestry funding and an exciting new approach, New Hampshire's Urban and Community Forestry Program continues riding high. How is it being done in New Hampshire? It's working through partnerships between the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands and the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. Staff from both organizations coordinates to provide a cohesive program of public awareness, community networking, volunteerism, and continuing education of resource professionals for the entire state.