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Every real estate transaction (acquisition or disposal) of every kind (deed, conservation easement, condemnation, right-of-way, survey acreage correction, boundary line agreement, etc.) is documented in the DRED land records files and an acreage and value assigned when appropriate. Land transactions are reported yearly on April 1st to the Department of Revenue Administration for tax purposes (RSA 216-A:3) and(227-H:12) and on July 1st to the Department of Administrative Services for the State Real Property Report (RSA 21-I:11 VII).

  • Field surveys are done for all real estate transactions and state land plans are drawn or revised accordingly. Copies are provided for Land Management, Division of Parks and Recreation and forestry regional offices. Original plans are stored in the survey office in Concord.
  • A State Land Record Form is completed by the Administrator, Land Management Bureau for every transaction. The original is filed in the State Land Record (deed) File with a copy of the recorded instrument. Copies of the Form and instrument are distributed to the Survey Office and the appropriate regional offices.
  • The original instrument (deed, easement, etc.) is sent to the Secretary of State, Division of Records Management and Archives.
  • A "deed" card is prepared and filed for every transaction which contains the same basic information as the State Land Records Form (except the description).
  • Every transaction is entered into a sequential card file. The date, state land, town, type instrument and acreage is entered.
  • Land Use Zoning Summary/Acreage Charge sheets are prepared by the Survey Office. Land use classifications are primarily determined by the Land Management Bureau, Forest Management Bureau and Division of Parks and Recreation as appropriate. Key resource area zoning may be revised once forest management inventories are completed.
  • Transaction information is entered into the "Lands" and "Tracts" data bases.
  • Department of Administrative Services individual transaction summaries (Exhibit E) are prepared by the Administrator, Land Management Bureau. Exhibit E's and a "Land Holding Acres and Cost" report are submitted to Administrative Services as of July 1st each year.
  • A report of "DRED State Land Use Categories For Tax Purposes" and memo report of acquisitions, disposals and acreage changes is provided yearly as of April 1st for the Department of Revenue Administration.