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The Caroline A. Fox Research and Demonstration Forest (Fox Forest) has been the State of New Hampshire’s forest research station since 1933. The forest is a gift to New Hampshire from Miss Caroline Fox of Arlington, Massachusetts. Miss Fox spent her summers on the property and had an interest in forest management issues. Before her death, Miss Fox also donated to the State a trust fund to finance activities on the property. Since then the Fox Forest Trust has provided regular funds to demonstrate proper scientific forestry, provide areas for applied forest research, provide programs on natural resource management, and develop a forest and property for public access and use.

Presently the forest contains 1,445 acres, the Henry I. Baldwin Forestry Education Center and a farm house/office. Fox Forest Research Research has been focused in two directions, (1) international forest genetics experiments (provenance trials) and (2) applied research focused on local forest management issues. Dr. Henry Ives Baldwin was the first research forester at Fox Forest and he established many of the present day exotic and native tree plantations. He also directed the applied forest management activities including silvicultural and forest products research.

Since then, research topics have included growth studies, planting studies, forest recovery after the 1938 hurricane, pre-commercial thinning studies, charcoal making, herbicide research and investigations of unique forest areas. Fox Forest research presently includes an assessment of timber harvesting in New Hampshire, forest sampling studies, regeneration research for white pine and red oak, uneven-aged management research and growth and yield studies.

                                       Where We Are 

 Fox State Forest, 309 Center Road, Hillsboro, NH  03244.

2018 Cottrell-Baldwin Environmental Lecture Series/March-April.
Tuesday evenings 7:00 to 8:30 P.M., 
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March 20th - Wildflowers of New England, presented by Ted Elliman.
March 27th - The Real Eastern Coyote, presented by Chris Schadler.
April 3rd - Log Drives of the Connecticut River Valley, presented by Helen Pike.
April 10th - Bogs & Fens, presented by Dr. Ronald B. Davis.





Sept 21, 2015 Fox Forest, Hillsborough NH – Three sections of trail on the west side of Fox Forest have been relocated. This includes two portions of the Ridge Trail between Harvey Road and Molly J. Swamp Trail, and a section of the connector between Proctor Road and Chestnut Corner Road. Watch for signs to direct you to the new portions of trail. The old trail sections are discontinued and will not be maintained.  


If you have any questions, please contact Fox Forest
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