Upcoming Timber Sales

New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands
Anticipated Timber Sale Showings for 2019:

South Region:   Pisgah SP - Chesterfield
                          Musquash Swampt WMA - Londonderry
                          Hodgman SF - Amherst
                          Pillsbury SP - Washington
                          Rhododendron SP - Fitzwillliam
                          Bear Brook SP - Allenstown
                          Russell SF - Mason
                          Honey Brook SF - Marlow & Lempster
                          Farrar Marsh WMA - Hillsborough
Central Region:  Pine River SF - Effingham &  Ossipee
                           Scribner-Fellows SF - Ashland & New Hampton
                           Everett Lake  FCA -  Dunbarton (2 sales)
                           Ragged Mountain SF - Andover
                           Cardigan Mountain SF - Orange
                           Lower Shaker WMA - Enfield
                           Belknap SF - Gilford
                           Alton Bay SF - Alton
North Region:    Nash Stream Forest - Stark & Stratford
                          Nash Stream Forest - Odell
                          Strawberry Hill SF - Bethlehem
                          CT LAkes WMA (South Bay Bog) - Pittsburg

All showings will be scheduled for Thursdays at 9:00 am between April and November.  Sale notices will go out at least 10 days prior to the showing date.  All sales are subject to change without notification.
Regional Forester, South: Scott Rolfe (603) 227-8741
Regional Forester, Central: Vacant  (603) 796-2323
Regional Forester, North:  Maggie Machinist (603) 788-4157