Wildland Fire Control

The state of NH Forest Fire Control statue RSA 227-L describes the legal framework and requirements for the Division of Forests and Lands, communities throughout the state, and the general public in sharing the protection of New Hampshire forests from the the effect of wildland fires.  Click Here for RSA 227-L.
The Division of Forests and Lands wildland fire prevention program includes administering the national Smokey Bear wildland fire prevention program and delivery of public outreach and wildland fire prevention activities to communities, public groups, and citizen throughout the state.

The Division of Forests and Lands fire detection program includes a cooperative air patrol program with the Civil Air Patrol and network of agency-owed fire lookout towers that are staffed during periods of high fire danger.

The Division of Forests and Lands Forest Fire Warden program and resources provide the first line of wildland fire protection in communities throughout the state of New Hampshire.  Each community has a Forest Fire Warden appointed by the Director of the Division of Forests and Lands to administer the state laws and rules related to forest fire protection and coordinate local fire service in the prevention, detection, and suppression of wildland fires.

The Division of Forest and Lands wildland fire control training program includes national-standard wildland fire courses to ensure that the communities and state are provided with the latest techniques and technologies to safely respond to wildland fires both within the state and to other states, federal agencies, and Canadian Provinces as needed.

The Division of Forests and Lands provides many forms of assistance to communities, mutual aid groups, and other state agencies to assist the wildand fire control programs, including FEPP and FFP equipment and Volunteer Fire Assistance grants.

The Division of Forests and Lands cooperates with other state, federal and Canadian Provincial wildland fire agencies to provide personnel and equipment to assist with all-hazard emergcy response, including large wildland fires and natural disasters. 

Forest Rangers of the Division of Forests and Lands provide professional forest law enforcement and wildland fire control leadership throughout the state of New Hampshire.  Forest Rangers are certified full-time police officers and receive the latest national-level training for safe and effective wildland fire preparedness, prevention, response, and investigations and enforcement.