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Funds are available for VFA grants to fire suppression organizations in communities of less than 10,000 in population. The Division of Forests and Lands receives funding from the United States Forest Service for the VFA Grant Program.

The following are priority guidelines for project selection: Note: priorities #1 and #2 will receive equal consideration.

  1. Forest fire suppression equipment, including but not limited to: forest fire pumps, forestry hoses, back pack pumps, Class A foam equipment. Note: expendable items (i.e. foam) will not be considered.
  2. Forest fire safety equipment, including but not limited to: Nomex shirts, hard hats, head lamps.
  3. Communication equipment: portables, portamobiles, and home alerting monitors.
  4. Structural fire fighting equipment. Note: only considered when all forestry requests are met.

Communities that have never received a grant will receive preferential consideration over communities that have received funds in a previous program year. If funds are available after priority grants have been processed, consideration will be given to other requests on a priority basis. (Only one application per fire department.)

Each project selected for a grant award must be matched by funds raised locally (50/50 match) through taxes or other means. The project must be completed within one year of the grant award. Documentation as to project value must be sent to our Division of Forests and Lands, Forest Protection Office, PO Box 1856, Concord, NH 03302-1856 within 90 days of receiving grant monies.

Projects may be submitted for structural as well as forest fire equipment purchases. However, only one application per community will be considered, so if you are not a Fire Warden, please consult with your Warden before submitting an application.

The Forest Fire Warden and Fire Chief shall both sign VFA applications.


The Federal Excess Personal Property Program was enacted by Congress under the Federal Property and Administrative Services act of 1949 and the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978.  The Act directs the Secretary of Agriculture to encourage the use of FEPP to assist in reducing state fire budgets by loaning federally-owned property to state foresters and their cooperators. To qualify for this program, a fire department must meet a number of requirements (see responsibilities below), one being a responsibility for providing fire protection on wildlands within the department’s jurisdiction. The U.S. Forest Service monitors the use of loaned property to ensure that all FEPP acquired is used 90 percent for fire protection support and only 10 percent for other support.

More than $1.9 million in FEPP equipment on loan to NH towns

Fire Truck

The FEPP Program enables the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands to acquire “on loan” from the federal government, property that assists the Division and fire departments in fulfilling their emergency response mission. That property includes such items as trucks, fire tools, hoses, vehicle parts, nozzles, generators, and protective clothing.

The Division currently has FEPP loan agreements with 110 volunteer fire departments for more than $1.9 million of federal forest fire suppression equipment.

Steps for acquiring FEPP equipment are:

1. A fire department must submit formal application for property

2. Application is evaluated by a Division Forest Ranger for eligibility and priority

3. The fire department will be notified when the property request is approved

Responsibilities of the fire department:

1. The fire department must sign a formal cooperative agreement with the NH Division of Forests and Lands and place state seals (furnished by the Division) on the vehicle in an appropriate visible location.

2. Allow periodic equipment inspections by the Forest Ranger.

3. Use the equipment only for fire related activities.

4. To house the equipment in the fire department and to be responsible for all additional repair, operating costs, maintenance, and upkeep.

5. Maintain current liability insurance for each FEPP vehicle.

6. To have FEPP vehicles inspected annually by an approved vehicle inspection center.

7. Return the equipment to the Division when the equipment is of no further use to the department.

For additional information contact the Forest Ranger for your town.

2003 Stewart & Stephens 2.5 Ton LMTV-M1078 Obtained by Forest Protection 09/29/2016

The Firefighter Property Program (FFP)


The Firefighter Property program (FFP) refers to one of the Department of Defense's (DoD) special programs where firefighters can get excess DoD property to be used for firefighting and emergency services. Certain property obtained from this program passes ownership after it has been in use for a specified period of time. This program is managed by the USDA Forest Service with cooperation of your New Hampshire State Forester.

If a Fire Department is interested in obtaining vehicles and equipment for Firefighting or Rescue purposes, please see link below. Create a user name and password and fill out the NH N-forms application listed below.

For further information please contact the FFP coordinator.
Rick Todd
Firefighter Property Coordinator
172 Pembroke Rd,
Concord, NH  03301
(603) 271-3472 (office)
(603) 268-0563 (Fax #)

Town Tool Program
We are able to now order items for the Town Tool program.  If you need a order form please contact your Ranger or the Concord office at 603-271-2214. Order Form - Click here.

Prescribed fire is used in New Hampshire to meet a range of management objectives relating to public safety, forest-based recreation, wildlife management, silviculture, agriculture, invasive species management, and sustaining natural communities.

In order to more safely, efficiently, and effectively use this management tool, several New Hampshire organizations and agencies met to discuss opportunities to address shared needs and goals.  After initial meetings which included a full range of stakeholder, the New Hampshire Prescribed Fire Council was formed.

Click Here to visit their website for useful information, including:
NH Prescribed Fire Planning Guide
NH Prescribed Fire Burn Plan Template
NH Prescribed Fire Task Books for firefighters